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 Post subject: A forum guide
PostPosted: Fri 5 Apr 2013 16:05 
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I. Read through the forum rules. In conjunction with your common sense and this little "guide", all aspects should be covered. If you think something's missing, I invite you to write a PM.

II. If you're new to the forum, remember that your first two post need to be approved by a moderator. Furthermore, Private Messages (abbreviated: PMs) can't be sent before you made three posts.

III. Use the English language unless you're in an international sub-forum.

IV. If your intention is to create a new topic, check if the issue/subject isn't covered yet. An adviseable tool to do so is the search option.

V. If you post large pictures, use a spoiler. If you quote long posts, snip them. By this you'll avoid overlengthy posts and increase the readability of the forum.

VI. If you think a post/PM does not comply to the rules and is objectionable, hit the "Report post"/"Report PM" button (it's the "!" in a blue box in the bottom right hand corner of each PM/post). This is better than crying that the moderators don't see everything - sorry, but there's much to do, we can't be everywhere - that's why we invite you to help us maintaining a convenient atmosphere! On a side-note, if you don't know what to fill in the description box, leave it empty.

VII. Do not feed trolls. Some users have the bad attitude of trolling or giving unkind answers, especially to questions they consider "dumb" - don't get alienated by them, just ignore such individuals. Should they insult you, don't counter with swearwords yourself (i.e. self-administered justice), but make use of the report post button (as described in VI.).

VIII. Do not try to enforce the forum rules. Even though this shows a laudable attidude, it mostly leads into nothing but a pure flame war. So just stick to the report post function, thank you.

IX. The punishment carried out is within the scope of the moderation/administration. If you disagree with the grade of punishment feel free to contact the responsible moderator/administrator via PM. However, note that many factors influence such a decision: One of them is de-escalation (this should explain why there is some tight moderation from time to time).

X. If you disagree with a moderator's decision and feel it's inequitable, feel free to write a PM to another moderator or Freki. Keep in mind that Freki's quite busy though. You might ask yourself now why you shouldn't contact Eugen Systems, i.e. MadMat: Well, he got much to do and this is actually Focus' forum.

Addendum - Often used abbreviations:
Afaik: As far as I know
Asap: As soon as possible
Iirc: If I recall/remember correctly
Imo: In my opinion (also: Imho: In my humble opinion)
MP: 1. French for PM; 2. Multiplayer
Otan: French for NATO (North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation)
PM: Private Message
Tbh: To be honest
TK: Teamkilling, Teamkiller
WIP: Work In Progress

If you have some more I'm missing, please PM me (if possible, include a link to a topic where they're used in this forum)

Rules you should know - Ignorantia legis non excusat. Feel free to PM me!

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