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Wargame Cup: battle report!

Wargame Cup: battle report!

The 5th Round ended yesterday and some commanders fell on the battlefield. Sotek, Droops, Tschorchiboy, Lonfield and Agroq have been eliminated of the tournament after fighting bravely.  But the most important information of the round 5 is that we now have the names of the 66 participants who qualified and won access to the upcoming Beta of AirLand Battle. They will have the chance to discover the new forces that are about to join the battlefield, new maps and will speak directly with the  developers of the game: the Eugen Systems team! 

Round 6 is on-going. Tigga continues his series and we are expecting a lot of his match against fiva55, another big name in Wargame. dimitri18 will face Vasily Krysov. Komaromi and Ribar are also ready, like all the other participants. The places for next rounds are hard to reach! If you missed some match results, we invite you to join the TheTroublmaker’s Youtube channel to see the last replays of this great tournament! 
Good luck to all participants!