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Ultimate showdown: Crotou vs Sotek

Ultimate showdown: Crotou vs Sotek

You can’t possibly have missed the information: the second round of this championship has been the scene of an incredible confrontation, between two well-known, high-ranked celebrities of Wargame’s community!

In the left corner, Sotek, 3rd of the overall ranking with an Elo rating of 2221 and an incredible 76.36% winning ratio! In the right corner, the challenger, Crotou! With a 75.52% winning ratio, and 2038 Elo points in the weight-in, the 13th world player wasn’t to be underestimated.

Needless to say, it was necessary for us to be firmly braced in our observation helicopter to follow this heated match. And what an incredible match! The score kept changing from hand to hand until the last minutes. Successful ambushes, extremely well aimed Buratino salvos, and an orchestrated ballet of two armies making graceful advances around the map! 

None of the two competitors seemed ready to give up the slightest point to their opponent, constantly adjusting their strikes and their locations. 
But like for every other match, there can only be one winner. After 40 minutes of intense battle, Sotek emerged victorious with a score of 1200 points, against 1100 for Crotou.

We highly congratulate these two players for the quality of their fight, as well as their Fair-Play during the game.

Discover their post-match thoughts short interview, and download the match replay here if you wish to watch these two amazing commanders in action!