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Wargame : European Escalation, the first DLC, for free!

Wargame : European Escalation, the first DLC, for free!

« New Battlefields » for Wargame: European Escalation brings new, free content to all Commanders!

Willing to test your Clan's newest tactics? Or to just have some quick fun with friends without pressure? Team up with other players and jump into the action against a computer controlled opponent! « DLC NAME » brings a new skirmish AI, allowing 1 up to 7 players to face the computer.

« New Battlefields » also introduces 7 new multiplayer maps! These brand new battlefields will challenge the veteran commanders! 2 of these maps are built asymmetrically, in order to offer Attack/Defense games by giving a natural role to each team. Hold that position at all cost!

« New Battlefields » enhances communication, coordination and all your team tactics, thanks to the new Flare system! Get the attention of your teammates by firing one of the preset Flares, or one with a custom message!

 « New Battlefields » includes:

 - New skirmish AI: up to 7 human players may face a computer-controlled opponent (3 difficulty levels).

- 7 new multiplayer maps, including 2 asymmetric battlefields for Attack/Defense games.

- New "Flare" system: mark both the battlefield and the tactical map to enhance your team's coordination.

-Download the DLC

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