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Wargame acclaimed by the press!

Wargame acclaimed by the press!

As the reviews are being published, one thing is clear: the press and the players are completely in love! A quick trip around the world with the available reviews.

After dozens of hours spent playing the new standard for real time strategy games, Destructoid, one of the biggest websites in the US has marveled at the number of possibilities the game has to offer, saying that "finally, after two decades, Wargame: European Escalation finally does modern warfare right."

The largest website devoted to the genre, RTS GURU, which had already rewarded the game with a "Best of E3 Show" prize, states that Wargame: European Escalation is an "exceptional game that features a never-seen-before "online experience that you're not about to forget".

In France,, one of the biggest European outlets for video games, said "they would like to see more RTS' of that breed while defines the game as "a must of the genre".

In Germany, Gamestar has rewarded the game with its selection star. In addition to that, Gamestar also gushes about its mutliplayer mode saying that its "a tactics festival for multiplayer fans" and published a video that features the gameplay mechanics of the game.

In Spain, 3D juegos bows in front of the game, saying that "all fans of RTS will fall on their knees."

To finish with this global trip, Eurogamer Italy states that "the technical execution is superb and the gameplay provides a lot of realism and a large variety of scenarios".

But, more than the press, it is the players that are enjoying and praising the game all around the world! Thank you all for that!

Wargame: European Escalation is about to become the worldwide strategy phenomenon you've been waiting for!

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