Rock Paper Shotgun interviews Eugen Systems!

Rock Paper Shotgun interviews Eugen Systems!

Postby Freki » Wed 11 Apr 2012 17:11

Alexis Le Dressay, co-founder of Eugen Systems talks about the origins of the Wargame concept in the famous English blog: « Wargame stands in the old tradition of the 90’s wargames (this is why we have decided on the name
‘Wargame’). This meant a game with a tremendous number of units, and a lot of different stats for every one of them. » Among the numerous influences of Wargame, Alexis Le Dressay mentioned Panzer Generals for the 150 square kilometers maps, and Men of War for the combat management on a strategic scale.

But this does not mean that Wargame is only about nostalgia: « Like any keen developer they want to innovate and improve on the foundations of their genre as well. (…)We’ve dug into the wargame genre. » The Author of the article, Joe Robinson, concludes his article with this beautiful tribute to Eugen System’s game: « I like to think Wargame serves as a beacon – a beacon to a lost age of 2D hexes, and beacon towards a new wave of titles that can capture that ‘purer’ form of strategy. »

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