A replay to look at.

A replay to look at.

Postby alnanaz » Wed 7 Mar 2012 04:45

Hey guys, I did a 2v2 with my friend against these 2 russian guys twice. First time we lost cuz they rushed us as Pact.

We met them again today and they were playing as NATO. Below is the replay file for the match. Somehow, they had a HUGE amount of stuff. Also, most of them were vet 4. Tell me what you guys think. Not sure if its cheating or Im still a noob at level 32 =/

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Re: A replay to look at.

Postby Velico » Wed 7 Mar 2012 05:37

Cost looked fine, they used a lot of cheap units mixed in with a few vetted tanks. They had the initiative the whole match with the deployment right next to yours, and forced you into a defensive posture the whole match. Your initial rush to defend your base was poorly executed. They used cover and you did not. Then you backed down into the lower plateau but didn't do anything with those units. Those guys used their infantry pretty poorly, but they had so many, going in so many directions, that it was hard for you to track them all. When people do that you need to solidify your ground and make sure your deployment is secure, then establish a front. Also, it would have been highly beneficial to use flame tanks or flame infantry with the way they just drove right up to your forces. They would have been stunned and ineffective if you kept just a couple of them around your main forces.

If I were facing that same situation as Pact, I would have gotten flame tanks to cover my main force, and put flame infantry in the woods to protect and cheap riflemen to try and cut off their deployment. Once the infantry were hitting their supplies, I'd probably get a few cheap tanks or IFV's to support, then look for the command vehicle.

It looked like you guys were shocked and on your heel's the entire match. They surprised you initially and kept up the momentum.
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